QANON Conspiracies & How They Brainwashed Americans

QANON.  I want to give a high 5 to the Russians and or the Chinese for their ability to make the population dumber than they already are :)

There aren't any proof that they are Chinese/Russian but the original is definitely American, Q.  However, there are loosely affiliated teams with a main objective: Political Propaganda against the Democrats.  We do know that the Russians were involved in hacking in 2016 during the elections.  

Although they may not be affiliated with Q, it's easy to jump in on the fake news bandwagon by introducing your own propaganda and claiming that it's by Q.

Anyways there are Chinese and Russian hacking propaganda teams funded by the state to sow discord among the American people.  The easiest way is to do this is jump in and manufacture conspiracies. 

Psyops have been going on for generations.  Spreading misinformation with conspiracy theories is the new modern type of Ideological Subversion.

Have you noticed the dumbing down of America, have you noticed people no longer trust their government?

Have you noticed that people don't believe in science and no longer believe in main stream news and that they now only believe news from Facebook and Youtube?

The difference between China/Russia (communist) countries, is that they limit control of information. Meanwhile in the west, we have a lot of information. They see this as a weakness. In those countries, they would shut down stupid conspiracies down right away. That's why their people still believe in science. Meanwhile here in the US & Canada, you have all these lies that anyone could make.

This is FreeDumb!

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