Trump, conspiracies, & claims of Voter Fraud

We've seen this coming, we've known his strategy because it's so plain obvious.   

Remember when he said he's already won? We know that when it won't go his way, he was going to automatically claim 'fraud'.  That's his go to strategy.  

Anyways, I've seen it all coming and it was all very obvious.  He knows he's got a following, and it's ridiculous watching them.

What I mean is that i have never seen a crowd that feed each other so much.  You've heard of mob mentality?  Well, trump supporters feed on it.  I'm not talking about the actual educated Republicans, but the ones he targets.  The ones where propaganda hits the hardest.  The ones where faith go hand in hand with conspiracies and belief in the unknown.  Science, math, physics, chemistry is hard, but believing is easier.  A lot of them are all about faith and magic, and he is their hope.  I do know that there are smart and educated followers that are just riding with the wave because they are republicans and can't be a traitor to your party, but now I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about the others.

He's already laid the foundation, from fake news, to alternative news, to an abundance of conspiracies, and with the creation of QAnon.  

From Pizzagate to blood sucking pedophiles, 5g and coronavirus, and to taking away people's rights by fear and control through mass media.  QAnon have taken real events and linked them all together.  You could see how convenient it was for them to link Epstein with Pizzagate, and then to link it to Hillary, and to link it to the whole Democratic Party.  It's all too easy.  What's the most sad is how they hijacked the #savethechildren hashtag to peddle their conspiracies.  This is why you see Trump supporters in Canada, Australia, UK and all parts of the world.  If you investigate how they became trump supporters, they would say that it's because he's doing good for the world.  He's draining the swamp and taking down the evil.  And you'll also realize that they've been sharing a lot of QANon videos.  

Little do people know the game of propaganda.  We know it's being utilized through Psyops from external parties out of country as well as being used internally between different parties and factions of the state.  How easy it is to control the masses if everyone believes something to be fact.  If the majority of people believe the lie, well the lie becomes truth.

This reminds me of this video i posted not too long ago.  It's very informative!

Trump is all about fear.  If you listen to his speeches, it's all about fear.  It's how he hooks his followers.  By using emotions he's able to grab hold of people's minds and hearts finding some common ground to make a connection with his targets easily. QAnon and his followers used the same methods embracing fear.  Their conspiracies evolved while continuing to warn others of impending doom.  They claim they are not afraid, but they are the most afraid. Although some of their conspiracies and ideologies have not fully grabbed hold of the majority of the republicans, you could see different permutations or a certain degree of the belief itself for example with anti-maskers and their rights.

Remember when covid just hit the states and trump was saying it was all a hoax.  'it was a democratic hoax'.  QAnon were busy listening to David Icke and 5G and finding correlations with Coronavirus... 5G came from China, so did the coronavirus.  Lets bring them together!  How easy it was for QAnon to get more followers.

The lockdowns only made it worse.  The lockdowns prevented normal social interactions and people were left to their psychological demise by sitting at home with nothing else to do but question what's going on.  This made people go crazy, just imagine how it affects people that already had problems   This was the rise of QAnon.  The lockdown was the catalyst.  Mixing this with the lack of critical thinking and being open to suggestions made them true believers.  If you were slightly schizophrenic, you will be now.  I've seen people go from normal to different stages of delusion and psychosis in just a week or even less.  

Fast forward to today, there has been an effort to remove QAnon from media, from Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  But it's already too late, they've already left their imprint and the doubt among the people.  You could see full-blown conspiracy nutjobs, to closet believers.  Actually there are even people who don't think they are believers until you point it out to them.  

You could see their posts online, they don't refer to the conspiracy but are very subtle in references because they do not know that it is in fact a conspiracy.  They will deny that they don't believe in conspiracies but they in fact do.  An example is the topic of this post - Voter Fraud.  You noticed how many people believed it right away without any proof or substantial claims?  You noticed that it's the Belief that comes first without any validation?  well there you go.

Any news that goes against trump is now a candidate to become a conspiracy.  QAnon exactly believes that anything reported on the news is created by the Deepstate in coordination with Main Stream Media.  This is where the brainwashing hits hard.  The narrative is that whatever that comes out from the news has some kind of underlying objective by someone pulling the strings.  If you believe this, then it's hard to get out of the rabbit hole.  All facts or all news is now fake.  The only news you would rely on is non mainstream news that comes from YouTube and Facebook conspiracy videos or some kind of website.  The problem with this is that they have a community of like minded individuals that would encourage the misinformation.  Encourage to 'seek the truth'.  Research everything Non Main stream, and uncover the truth.  The sad part is that, they won't realize that they aren't uncovering the truth but only believe that they know the truth.  You'll see them on the comment section shouting their nonsense, thinking and believing their truths and hoping that someone would listen.  And within that ecosystem, they come into defense of others when someone tries to tell them otherwise.  They bully and make fun of us 'sheep', when they themselves are sheeps of their own making.

Perhaps Americans and others will see the truth as well.  The truth that the majority of Trump supporters have been duped and fooled by so much misinformation.  It's not the Republican's party's fault, but it's the enablers.  It's the ones that just let happen.  Perhaps the Republicans can one day realize this and become real American citizens with Integrity once again.

Lets try to fix America's Democracy.



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