Dr. Paul Offit Answers Our COVID Vaccine Questions

FDA vaccine advisory committee member Dr. Paul Offit returns to address our biggest questions on the new COVID vaccines.

We talk about the new mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna and their safety and efficacy, how they work, their effect on human DNA, the risk of antibody dependent enhancement, whether Phase 3 trials are enough data to feel comfortable with these vaccines, whether we should immunize those who've previously been infected, the volunteer bias in these trials, how the vaccine might be better at creating immunity than just getting infected with coronavirus, why antibody levels are misleading when it comes to immunity, why treating a fever is BAD, why we shouldn't mandate these vaccines yet for healthcare workers, the use of human fetal tissue stem lines, why immunize at all, why wear masks and social distance after vaccination, what we should do about children, and much more.

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