Testing For Coronavirus, RSV, Influenza, & Future Pandemics (w/Dr. David Persing)

Cepheid's chief medical and technology officer returns to talk PCR testing for COVID, flu, RSV, and future variants & viruses not yet discovered.

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Topics with timecodes:
0:00 Intro
1:27 What happened to flu (influenza) last year (viral exclusion, innate immune response)
3:20 Nasal vaccines and innate immunity
5:10 How SARS-CoV2 evolves to replicate more efficiently
8:33 Do variants evade PCR testing? Experience with H1N1 flu
12:09 False positives and PCR
14:22 How deep do you need to swab?
15:09 PCR vs. Antigen testing
18:41 Four-In-1 PCR testing: flu component, will flu be back?
20:23 RSV update in kids and adults
23:53 The “FluVid” COVID/Flu A + B/RSV 4-in-1 test
26:21 Future proofing testing for new pandemics
29:33 Will SARS-CoV2 become endemic, and how?
32:25 The role of vaccination, breakthroughs, transmission
34:01 Natural infection and vaccination, how long does it last, boosters

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