Treating The Root Causes Of Our Suffering (w/Dr. Ron Sinha)

Metabolic health and wellness expert Dr. Ronesh Sinha returns to explore the roots of why we are hurting so much, and how we can keep ourselves and our children well. SPOILER ALERT: it ain't about pills and procedures.

Topics and Timecodes (transcript & podcast at ):

0:00 Intro
2:08 Working from home and chronic pandemic stress
6:23 Work and our identity crisis
9:27 Emotional suppression and the physical effects of stress (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc)
14:21 Continuous glucose monitors and “white coat hyperglycemia”
17:19 Cortisol as stress hormone, shame, intermittent fasting hazards
25:18 The real roots of job dissatisfaction and the creative impulse
29:38 Stress effects on our children, poisonous parental pressure
31:19 Steve Jobs and the central importance of spiritual growth
40:52 The peril of reductionism in medicine, destigmatizing lifestyle medicine
45:07 The central role of “identity” in human suffering, burnout in healthcare
49:43 The role of vulnerability in medicine, the next generation’s challenges and how to better raise kids
56:02 The role of envy
59:28 Understanding and un-repressing emotion
1:03:00 The Pre/Trans Fallacy
1:07:19 Journaling as a tool, why writing is different than typing
1:12:30 Breathing and posture at work, “email apnea”
1:19:48 A different SOAP note
1:22:30 Dropping into “presence”
1:23:03 Men At Work’s greatest song
1:25:38 Doing exercise right
1:30:09 The role of laughter and breathing
1:32:39 Reconnected with the inner child, accepting emotion
1:38:07 Sleep & Anxiety, Yoga Nidra, Compassion, setting boundaries
1:48:38 The importance of Wonder and the transcendent

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